Premiere: "Hybrid Alpbach Financial Symposium"

In order to provide a save event, the Alpbach Finance Symposium goes hybrid: Anyone who attends "live" is warmly welcome in the "Village of Thinkers". But if policies, legal or personal restrictions prevent your live participation, you are very welcome to attend the parallel, digital and equivalent symposium. To give you a maximum amount of safety, a rebooking from live to digital is possible until September 9, 2020.
You will find more information in the information sheet.


Generaltheme 2022:

Dancing on the Volcano

The markets are like a volcano. Fertile, sometimes calm, sometimes dangerous.
CFOs and treasurers work in the market – you live by the volcano.

Right now the volcano is very explosive:

– Inflation is out of the bottle, we have to manage with rising prices, costs and interest rates.
– Decarbonisation asks us to calm the volcano, whatever the cost.
– And shortages are forcing us to find the smallest gaps and pay for more security.

Here you will find more information of our panels.

We will hear and discuss how CFOs and treasurers are successfully dancing on the volcano today at the 36th Alpbach Finance Symposium from
12 to 14 October 2022.

Since 1987 the biggest financial event
in Austria

The Alpbach Financial Symposium has been the largest financial event for CFOs, CEOs and Treasurers of big Austrian real economy companies for over 30 years.

Since 1987, the Alpbach Financial Symposium has been the ideal setting for dialogue between business, politics and financial institutions. The cooperation partner of the Alpbach Financial Symposium is the Federation of Austrian Industries.

A general theme, a focus on Eastern Europe and expert workshops on the core topics of the financial sector of companies in the real economy characterize the symposium.

The largest industry get-together with approx. 500 participants takes place from October 12th to 14th, 2022 for the 36th time in Alpbach / Tyrol.

Let the Numbers Speak
for the symposium

Panel discussions

Some of Our Clients Saying About Us

In the course of my previous conference and seminar experiences, your event stands out as very positive in the overall package of participants, speakers, organization and logistics (as well as the financial aspects).“

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Everything fit perfectly again this year. Thank you for the good cooperation and good luck, I cannot serve you with critical voices ;-))

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In our opinion, it was possible for us to maintain contact with our customers (both banks and companies). On the other hand, I also hope, that with our position between banks and companies we could offer the participants an additional benefit.

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I have to confess that the event was very positively again. I can say from our side that we didn’t hear any kind of criticism and the people were very satisfied again.

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Symposium was good, had many customer contacts and prospects. … I am really very satisfied and feel well looked after.“

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“There were some interesting conversations and as always I had a lot of opportunities to get to know people in an excellent and perfectly organized environment.
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Review Alpbach Finance Symposium

No Greenwashing

The Alpbach Finance Symposium was awarded the Green Conference status by the Austrian Ministry of the Environment live in Alpbach. [...]